Rancho Parada la Manzana

El Limón

Booking: 829-931-6964 and 809-916-0892

Rancho Parada la Manzana is a family business born in 2001 from the hand of Antonia de la Nuez and Martin Alcalá. Business activity arise  from the intention to organize and promote tourism aimed at the area of Arroyo Zurdido in the area of El Limón.

With more than 14 years offering services lunch buffet of  Dominican typical  food, as well as horseback riding or walk to the Salto El Limón.

Aiming to provide a tourism destination of high quality sustainable growth, as well as the rescue of our cultural values in conservation and protection of natural resources and the environment always go hand in hand with the Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility .

Service description
The service offered by this company are riding excursions into the  Salto El Limón and Dominican typical food lunch buffet.

Features and Benefits
The services that the company offers to domestic and international tourists, have the following characteristics:


  1. Quality: The raw material is fresh and in perfect condition every day.
  2. Safety: The food preparation is carried always carefully considering the necessary hygiene measures.
  3. Social Responsibility: The raw material for meals  preparation  is bought from local supplier.

1. The service is offered in a timely manner.
2. The horses are provided to customers considering the physical characteristics for comfort

1. Tourists is provided a guide who directs the horse at all times to avoid fall hazards.
2. Helmets are provided to all tourists, without distinction.
3. Additional offers clients rubber boots. In this case the tourist shoes are not suitable for the road.

Social responsability
Stop Apple has its own horses, but also allows horse owners in the community serving in the tour

You can
1. Contact with nature. The service offered by the company is an excursion on horseback through a path lined with native flora and fauna as well as the opportunity to swim in the Natural Monument Salto El Limon waterfall.
2. Contact with social features. There is direct contact of tourists with members of the communities in the area of ​​Samana.
3. Facilities performing recreational activity. The tour is a recreational activity in its entirety.
4 Commercial and shopping facilities. There is a shop at the hostel independently gifts, so tourists are given the opportunity to acquire own products in the country.
5. Infrastructure and communication. The parador has the essential features to provide a comfortable stay in their facilities, and offers Wi-Fi service.
6. Affordable level. The price of lunch and tour services is consistent according to their quality.
7. Crafts. It is also the gift shop that meets the need of the tourists buy crafts, however, adds to this point all those handmade decorations typical of the Parada.

Address: C/ Principal El Limón Samana Km 3 Arroyo Surdido.