Freddy Ginebra : This time at Las Terrenas

2 November, 2015

Since going down the mountain to the sea it makes me signals. Slowly for the landscape management from taking over me and feeling of inner freedom overflows. In the distance a humpback whale emits only sounds of joy that I hear; I suspect there’s a party in the ocean. What transformed me Superman, the swimsuit is embedded in my skin, shoes disappear, an old shirt House Theatre, Licey faded cap and without realizing the water around his neck and start my conversations with the waves.

-What time is it? he asks a fish stripes.

-To Know, here we never worried about time, but we know you’ll be with us. No answer and dive excited showing my beard and my contagious smile.

I know it’s difficult to explain these dialogues, so I do not explain, you just tell me that every day I spend in this paradise, while I shower, I talk not only with fish but also with the sea.

At dawn I hope the six and take a walk along the sand, sometimes I meet tourists, others with some fishermen pulling their nets. On the horizon intense kissing blue sky with clouds and a shy moon tired of the night wants to sleep.

Las Terrenas is a unique town, so easy to hear speak Italian and French. Some evenings, with the excuse of coffee with a delicious croissant, walk through the crowded streets of motorists desperate and sellers of all kinds of goods. You can find exquisite French and Italian shops with the latest models of beach, both men and women, and jewelry designs where artists mixing silver and gold amber impress.

Jonathan sells necklaces. Tall, friendly face, grin, long dreadlocks and braids.

I can not stand and wonder.

-And what are you doing here? ‘Says with an Argentine accent.

‘The same as you. Enjoy, I came ten years ago and stayed.


Two, nine and seven

‘And living selling this merchandise?

‘I do other things. By any chance are you FBI?

I’m curious, nothing more. My name is Freddy and I write in a journal.

A handshake and go my way, entered the art gallery Nee motivated by some paintings that reflect everyday life in this beach, I talk to the author and continuing to another gallery where I find Charlie romanense, an artist who also he decided to stay and live in his paintings. I offer home theater both painters if one day want to conquer the capital.

Roberto, the fruit dealer has saved me a supermangos and go looking for them, we talked a little, and when is almost nearly evening, I decided to return to watch the sunset and continue my dialogue with the marine world. A radiant sun gives way to night.

Slowly walked in front of a barbershop one chair. At the door rescuing his barber customers.

-Pss Gringo ‘I shout.

Dominican I’m just like you, ‘I say with a smile.
Come, sit here shows me his chair And I’m going to fix that mop and that beard. If you do not like how it looks not you pay me.

Dude, not now, but I know where to stay.
And I go quickly to dismiss the sun and watch the sky of the most beautiful sunset colors dyed.

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